A girl wants boyfriend like Ross Geller and wishes to have husband like Chandler Bing!

A girl wants boyfriend like Ross Geller and wishes to have husband like Chandler Bing!

For those who don’t know who are these people for them a quick review, Ross Geller and Chandler Bing are the fictional characters of sitcom show F.R.I.E.N.D.S which was telecasted way back in 1990’s. This was the popular television show as its theme was friends and the bonding between them with the touch of comedy. Ross Geller was Paleontologist while Chandler Bing was Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration and later turned as junior advertising copywriter. Ross Geller is a tall handsome young man with some irritating habits, he usually fall for girls and always try to find his soul mate in each and every girl he dates. He got married twice before he settled with his high school crush Rachel Greene. On the other hand Chandler only got to date two girls before he settles down with Monica Geller.

When come to relationship Ross is very romantic and sometimes behaves like a child. He is possessive about his girl friend and always his posessivness leads to fight sometimes leads to break up. He lost his high school crush Rachel just because of his posesivness, girls in today’s scenario like boys that are possessive about them, initially they take this thing as a care but in long run this may prove to be fatal. Ross, when comes to relationship behaves like a child sometimes he is stubborn and never settle down to what other agrees. If a girl is dating someone and he is stubborn initially she will accept it as it is just the start but if come to marriage mutual understanding should be must. If a guy is stubborn and always wants to fulfill his desire and if often discard others decision than beware that guy isn’t fit for marriage. Ross has good points too, he is damn romantic and often comes with innovative ideas for date and often tries his best to keep his partner happy. What else the girl needs while she is dating someone a person should be romantic and should always keep her happy. He even well behaved with his ex wife who turned lesbian after eight year of marriage this shows his capability to maintain relation after the break up. Ross is very good as a friend; what if things didn’t work out as planned he will be always there for you in the time of need. Even when he broke up with Rachel, he helped her to the hospital and stayed with her all night leaving his show on Discovery channel. He is a good boyfriend and a very good friend. As it is said everything comes with the baggage Ross also has his own baggage of insecurities, stubborn nature and childish behavior these three drawbacks doesn’t make him perfect for husband. A girl might fall in love with Ross but will think thrice to marry him.

On the other hand Chandler is fun loving person; he is the king of sarcasm and kind by heart. He cares for his friends so much; he takes care of his roommate cum best friend Joey. He swallows all his dumb talks, stupid activities and irritating habits. But he loves him so much that he fulfills all his desires secretly. He experienced on and off relationship with his girl friend Janice. He is so kind by heart that he couldn’t break up with her once after his repeated trials. He then started fooling around with Monica Geller, Ross’s younger sister. Initially they weren’t serious with the passing of time they started secret relationship but this thing ended soon and everyone got to know about their relation. Chandler is very mature person when it comes to relationship, he understands everything very well. He doesn’t care of insecurities and was always by Monica’s side ever since beginning while they weren’t dating. Chandler is often misunderstood as he has a habit of passing comments so nobody takes him seriously but when he revealed his other side everyone was stunned. Chandler asked Monica to stay back in Manhattan when he moved to other city for work. He got transferred in other city, Monica decided to leave with him for the city meanwhile she got her dream offer and understanding the situation Chandler asked Monica to live in New York instead of coming with him and pursue her dream. Chandler accepted Monica for who she is and didn’t try to change her a bit. He accepted her cleaning habit, her always to be best in everything; he accepted her with pros and corns. A girl always want her husband to accept her for what she is because it’s not the relation of few months it is the matter of whole life and a partner must be the person who understands you well and not to impose himself on you.

It’s very difficult to choose who is right for us and who is not. Everything seems beautiful when we are in love rather when we are in the initial stage of love, when we get to know each other we discover many things about each other. We may find Ross Geller and we may find Chandler Bing they are best in their respective positions, it depends on us what we want Ross or Chandler.

I hope everyone finds Ross Geller for their dating life and settle for Chandler!

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The Walk (Part 1)

The Walk (Part 1)

It was calm August morning, sun was shining after many days as it was raining heavily since four days and the sun was seems promising after such a heavy storm. He sat on the chair and looked outside and hoped the same ray of hope in his life too! He was disturbed since many days tried to forget the happenings of the past but couldn’t. He didn’t like to talk to anyone about anything the truth was nobody knew anything it was just him only he dealing everything with a smile as if everything was alright. He lost every hope that god has planned something better for him.

She banged her head on the door again like she does every time.  She knows she has to open the door first then to get inside but she forgets to do that and then curses the door. But today was something different, it’s been almost month since she broke up with him. He didn’t try to contact her may be because he knew she would come running like she does every time but this time she had something different in her mind, she was determined not to go back to the person who doesn’t respect her and value her existence. She knew she has lost many friends in this course but she is happy with the ones she has right now but the harsh fact of her life was she didn’t cry in front of anyone even though she wanted to and she thinks it’s too late for crying now.  She is all broke from inside but she carries the perfect beautiful smile every time she encounters any eyes gazing at her. She used to be her favourite but now she lost her identity because of him and she never saw herself like that before. She has established one thing she can never love someone and no one can love her. She sat on the chair and then decided to make a move in her life and try to live the life again.

The very of thought of starting her old life all over again reminded her of Facebook her favourite pass time, she scrolled the posts and then while scrolling came across a name and remembered the face she met recently but couldn’t talk properly. It was mid-afternoon, she was bored and since it was sun the ray of hope of her life which shinned again she thought to say that guy “Hi”.

He ignored all the messages of the Facebook but this was the message from unexpected person at unexpected time. He thought to talk to her as she was from different friend group which could distract him from the mishaps of his life. The “Hi” was being replied with the “Hey” followed with a smile. Messages after messages, smile after smile and the emoticons everything exchanged. Then it was the turn of the phone numbers, it got exchanged and now it was no more Facebook, Whatsapp took over Facebook and now everything was instant.

They were virtually together for like a month, and then they thought to meet up for coffee. “Coffee” he hates Coffee and then too he didn’t know why he said for Coffee but he was eager to meet her. She brought a ray of hope in his life, she made him forget everything.

It was the evening, evening they both waited for so long, the evening they both knew would be amazing because they have been enjoying their virtual thing a lot. They both feared deep down if they didn’t like each other. This was their first meeting not only with each other but in their whole life. They both didn’t meet any person like this in the coffee house. It was 5 in the evening and he left his office and in the middle of the route it rained heavily. He stood on the wait for a while but then decided to go home in raincoat. She saw the clouds roaming over her coffee date and ruining it. She prayed to her lord to stop the rains at 7 so that she can go and enjoy her life again. But destiny wanted something else, destiny wanted to play with these little kids and to make them understand the true meaning of “wait”. She can’t drive in rains and it was raining heavily so he called her and told not to come. They both again started their virtual thing and tried not to show disappointment as he was the optimistic amongst them who believes in “there is always a better tomorrow”.

It rained heavily on evenings for next four days and they dropped the plan of meeting every evening. She was the girl with low patience level and she declared “it’s better not to try to meet” he replied with his favourite line “there is always a better tomorrow”.

It was normal Friday evening, it was 6 in the evening and she was staring at the kittens playing near the tree and she thought why her life is not that simple and why she is a human and not kitten. Her thoughts were interrupted by the light in her cell she took the cell in her hand and was smiling and blushing like anything, and then she said to herself “thank god I am human”.  It was his message he wrote “it’s not going to rain I have seen the weather forecast, so how about a coffee Mam?”

She ran home at exactly 6:30 and then started searching for the perfect dress to be worn to make it a perfect date night. She couldn’t manage but to put on her favourite pair of jeans and a top which was easily accessible and ran out of the house as she was already late according to the time given to him. On the other hand, he was not worried about the right kind of clothes to be worn but the right kind of conversation. He had a virtual friendship with her, but he was afraid of ruining everything in real so he was already waiting for her since 3o minutes with her favourite full sleeves t shirt and a pair of jeans, he had one thing which made him different from others and which she liked in him the most, his confidence. Even though he was nervous about the kind of topic they would talk but he was confident about himself what he is and what he wants from his life.

He was there sitting in the corner of the room occupying the great place with a glass of water which was being filled every 10 mins as he had habit of drinking lot of water and waiting for someone eagerly. Every time the door opens and the bell above the door rings his face automatically turns into that direction and then again towards the phone as it was not the person he expected.

And then there she was, honking the horn to every vehicle and driving at the speed of 50 to reach fast. People commenting on her driving skills and yet they had to give her a way because she makes her own way. She finally managed to reach that coffee house and hurriedly kept her stroll in the scooty and admired herself in the mirror and complimented herself and ran towards the gate.wwalk

The Eternal Love!

The Eternal Love!

Human being is very impatient animal; he is never satisfied and trust me he can never will be. He is like ants always in search of one or the other thing, it is good in a way but we feel lost at some point of time and then he again sets himself out in search of the “Partner” the one true love! Humans are also animals but the social one, so like animals we also respond to the smell of opposite sex which we like and this smell is generally known as “pheromones” we are the social animals where we are attracted or rather carried away by the smell of pheromones and some day the search ends and we finally meet our “the one true love”. I couldn’t help but wonder despite with these pheromones despite finding the one; I rarely find couples to last “forever” is the love lost? Or the power of pheromones is limited that after some time we leave them and we again start our hunt. Or humans are so addicted to discover new that we want to move on from present and to reveal what is in future for us.

My friend recently got divorced and for the record it was arranged cum love. They were so in love with each other, they were all over each other and for four years of marriage it seemed they are made for each other but suddenly her husband filed divorced against her and the reason was he was in love with one of his colleague. While sitting on one Saturday evening I was thinking that we can’t trust anyone no love is permanent except our parents and family love is just the materialistic thing in this world which is “perishable” and no longer Shakespeare’s stories exists. While thinking all this my eyes went on the oldest couple of my family: my grandparents.

My grandparents live with me. They have been married for more than 50 years they still don’t remember the year. My grand mom was only 12 when she got married and my grand father was 16. When I ask her about the year of their marriage she replies innocently “the year of heavy rainfall due to which village had to face flood”. My grandfather was in government job and he had to travel a lot so he wasn’t with my granny for years together. He used to visit once in a year and would spent hardly 15 days with her. My grand father gave words to granny that after retirement he would never leave her and trust me he is a man of words and he is keeping his words till date. My granny is being paralysed since 15 years and he is the one who is taking care of her the most. He knows what she needs at what time and he is the one who fights with her the most.

While I was observing them they were again fighting on something, on closely listening to their fight I discovered it was the fight for the remote. Yes! Like we the kids they were fighting for the remote, my grandfather is a fan of Cricket and with the world cup going on he never misses a ball in match no matter India is playing or not. On the other hand my granny is a fan of “Bhagvat Kathas” continuously going on some or the other religious channels she has heard them infinite times but then she wants to watch it everytime it comes. While she was adamant to watch the katha, my grandfather told her with love “ My love! You have watched it many times and it’s the same all the time and the repeat telecast will be aired at 9 in the evening you can watch it there, only 4 overs are remaning let me watch it then I will give you the remote” but women are women she denied and just moved her face in anger to the other side which my grandfather hated the most. He immediately brought his tranistor from the room and handed the remote to my granny. He came to the balcony where I was sitting and smiled at  me saying “ I cannot see her in anger or in disappointment I wasn’t with her in the youth where we could make memories of one getting offended and other making up and I feel sorry for that and I let her win everytime we fight not because she is right all the time but because I love her the most and I cannot see defeat in her eyes.” I couldn’t help but wonder with that statement of my grandfather that true love still exists. Love doesn’t demand to be physically present in front of each other all the time. Love doesn’t mean to gift expensive gifts to each other or to attend fabulous party together and to show the world that we are in love. Love simply means to see your beloved happiness before yours no matter if the happiness lies even in death of other.

My grandfather is nursing my granny since 15 years due to her inability he takes her to the washroom everytime, he helps her in bathe, he takes her to take sun everywhere where she wants to go, he brings her favorite vegetables and ask my mom to cook them because she likes them. While I and grandfather were having a conversation we heard someone screaming loudly when umpire raised his hand and asked the batsman to leave the ground as he was declared out, my grandfather immediately ran inside and saw granny watching cricket and he didn’t ask her anything just smiled at her and she smiled back and little eyes did the rest of the talking.

Seeing them at their 80’s I understood one thing, love is not affected by the appearance of the other, love is blind in the matters of feelings but with the blindness it can sense the happiness and sorrows of the beloved. On asking my grand parents as who will leave us first they both reply same thing “ we didn’t come on earth together but we will leave earth together no matter what!” this statement of them always bring back my faith in love.

So, my friends out there who are in search of true love, stop searching it guys love will come to you, love has its own eyes and senses we don’t have to run behind it we have to walk with it. And trust me no matter what will be your lifespan love will live with you and after you!o-OLD-COUPLE-HOLDING-HANDS-facebook

Happy Farewell!

Happy Farewell!

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It was a cold evening of December; I was waiting for roommates to return from their offices but was waiting specially for one person – whom I loved the most. It would probably be the last time when I would be having dinner with them all at one placebecause, the very next day I was leaving to start my new life. Everyone came one by one, but she, she dint come even by 9 in the evening. I was sitting with them all and was having the best conversation with them. During the past three and half years, I have made them as a family, we were together in thick and thin of life and, we know we would be standing right next to each other in future too. I was with them but my mind was wandering somewhere near the G.I.D.C area of Vadodara and virtually searching that one girl who was missing in the conversation. She met me two years before; she was new in the town and was alone. She was missing her family and I made my hostel my family. She couldn’t adjust as she left her comforting home for the first time and I made my hostel enough comfortable for myself. I saw her crying on her second day in the new city. She was sitting on the window pane and was trying to hide tears when she saw me but I caught one drop which was rolling down her cheek and asked her if she was missing her home. As I kept my hand on her shoulder it was some sort of connection which developed and she immediately came to life and jumped off the window pane and hugged me. She was two years elder, but she cried like a seven year kid craving for the chocolate which meant world to her. That was the very moment when we both realized we were going to share a special bond. The bond was so special that we tried our best to do everything together, whether it is shopping for festive nine nights or dancing in those nine nights, whether it was a mere cough and cold or it was to eat chilly ice cream on chilly winter evening because of which we get cold.

It was two years from now, today it was time to depart it was time to start a new life. She was here in the city for a job and I was pursuing Bachelors of Engineering in Computer science. I had a fear that she won’t turn up today because of two reasons, firstly we couldn’t bid each other farewell as we don’t want to depart and don’t want to spoil pictures with our tears. Secondly, we both had a major fight a week ago and since then I wasn’t talking with her. While I was engrossed in my thoughts and regretting over my mistakes someone tapped me on my hip and I immediately recognized it as “that tap” was familiar to me. It was her – Dulari Kothari, holding a cake in one hand and holding 5 “Angry Bird” balloons on other hand and wearing my favorite dress. I was unable to express the feeling when I saw her emotions flooded out of me in the form of tears and she hugged me as if it was my last hug to her.

It was half past 12 and we were still on the top of our energy, we knew we won’t be meeting again soon the only possibility was her marriage. We talked till three in the morning and then slept haphazardly. Next morning, it was time for me to leave. I was all set with my bags packed; holding tears in my eyes and the same situation was with everyone, it was her time too to take a leave from the place where we created memories.  We hugged everyone one by one than it was our turn to give the long lasting hug to each other. I don’t know about her, but I have never loved anyone that much like I loved her. She was crying bitterly as we both knew what we were going to miss – late night talks, shopping, dancing, and everything. Her nose always grew red when she cries her heart out and at that time it was apple red! She with her innocent and childish tone spoke to me “I guess, we both are perfect for each other than anyone else!” I just smiled and was trying to hold my tears so I can portray myself as a strong person (which I am not!).

We hugged each other and wanted time to stop right here so that we can be together as always. But Auto rickshaw person was in a bit hurry, he blew horn and asked us whether we want to leave or not, at that very moment I realized I may have left my parents three and half years ago for higher studies but I have gained an entire family of angels who were ready to be with me even at the hardest time. It struck to me that I can manage without my parents but it would be difficult for me to manage without all of them. People often say “relatives are by God’s choice, but friends, friends are the individual choice” and that time I was proud of my choice. It is the universal law that “we should go with the flow” so we both decided not to challenge universe and to go with the flow, she sat in her auto I sat in mine. We wanted to have the last glimpse of each other and we peeped from the auto and waved the final goodbye and I winked at her and she gave me the flying kiss as she always does. As the driver drove I couldn’t stop myself from remembering Robert Frost’s which I twisted in my words “two roads diverged in the woods I took one and she took another that has changed two lives!”